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October 13, 2009

Excavating Beliefs: Cellular Biology and Cancer
Lynne Zimmerman, DC, BSc, CHT

At the heart of every healing is our belief system. Our beliefs form the core energy and direction of our thoughts and actions, and they determine what we know to be true. Our unconsciously held beliefs work powerfully at every moment of our lives in ways we may not recognize. Most of the time our deepest held beliefs operate without our conscious knowledge. This is why we assume that they are true and continue to think and act from them, whether they benefit us or not. We often think and act according to these unconscious beliefs, causing dramatic energy changes in our body, without a clue that we are living our lives from subliminal blueprints that may be undermining our desires and goals at every step.

In working through the healing processes of cancer, it may help you to know that it is impossible to inherit a gene for it. The cutting edge work of cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton has proven conclusively that we do not inherit diseases such as cancer, but rather, we acquire them as a consequence of imprinting this belief in our brain map.

This research has capsized fifty years of assumptions about gene behavior. Dr. Lipton made his remarkable discoveries by studying muscle cells, cloning them and discovering what caused them to be dystrophic (poorly developed, dysfunctional, degenerative) and what caused them to function well.

Each cell individually functions like a miniature human body. Exactly like the human body, every cell has a respiratory system, a digestive system, an excretory system, a reproductive system and so on. Since the nucleus of the cell contains all the genes in the cell, previous theories on cell biology assumed that the nucleus, which contains our genes, was the brain of the cell, directing all cell activity.

However, when Dr. Lipton removed cell nuclei, the cells didn't die. They continued to thrive for several months, carrying on all their functions, i.e. digestion, excretion, respiration and so on. The only activity which did not occur was reproduction, since the genes are responsible for that. As it turns out, that's all our genes are responsible for. Dr. Lipton discovered that both dystrophy and vitality were the results of selective perceptions made at the cellular level by the cell membrane. 1

To summarize his amazing findings, it is not our genes that control the activities of the cell, but rather, it is the cell membrane's perceptions of its environment and its decisions based on those perception, that are responsible for all the activities of each cell, and for its vitality or degeneration. What is a human being? A collection of 50-75 trillion cells. functioning in this very manner: perceiving, interpreting and responding to the circumstances, events and people around us.

According to this cutting edge research, our vitality, our happiness and the quality of our lives are determined not by our genes, surroundings or difficulties, but by our perceptions (beliefs) regarding our environment and the way we respond to our circumstances based on those beliefs. At the level of the whole human, our perceptions --our beliefs--are responsible for our brilliant health and unbridled happiness or the lack of it. Dr. Lipton refers to this phenomenon as the biology of belief.

What does this mean for those of us who seek physical healing? Cellular biology has revealed definitively: it is impossible to inherit disease or illness, for example cancer, depression, alcoholism or heart disease, since our cell behavior is not determined by our genes, but by the cell membrane's perceptions (beliefs) regarding its environment. However, our genes can rewrite themselves if we believe strongly in an idea. For instance, if we believe that we can inherit a gene for heart disease or cancer, our subconscious organic processes will cause our cells to move in that direction.

With consciously chosen beliefs, we can move in the powerful directions of our choosing. If we believe and know that we are fully functioning self-healing organisms, we can boost ourselves and our immune system to the next level of wholeness. This knowledge puts us in a position of incredible power. If every part of our physical and emotional vitality is elective, depending on how we perceive and respond to our environment, then it is our perceptions--our beliefs--and our habitual ways of responding to life based on our beliefs that determine every aspect of our lives. Our cells are creating new cells every moment. Some cells are replaced every day, some every few weeks. In a couple of years we have a whole new body. This means that chronic illness and pain can only be perpetuated by our unconscious belief in them. We can change our habitual perceptions and even our unconscious beliefs: about ourselves, about the current circumstances of our life, about our ability to create healing and vitality.

We can change our beliefs.
We can change our responses.
We can change all of this.

This amazing process can transform every life. We each have the power to create the wellness we are dreaming of, by first shifting our beliefs. It is our beliefs--both conscious and unconscious--that shape and energize our vitality or illness. Regarding beliefs and their effect on the body, what do you think about chemotherapy? Do you believe that you must be sick and exhausted? Or do you know that you can selectively accept the healing mechanism in only the cells you wish to release, transcending the side effects? Do you believe that your diagnosis is a death sentence? Or do you know that every cell in your body contains source energy for healing?

What You Should Know
Our bodies come with a blueprint for self-healing: when you fell off your bike and skinned your knees, your immune system swept the debris from your body and prevented infection. When you broke your collarbone or your toe, your body sent collagen and osteoblasts to produce a new matrix of tissue from which new bone was formed. You have that potent healing energy in every cell of your body, and this includes the ability to release cancer cells.

Look closely at what you believe about your ability and power to heal yourself. Much of what we doubt centers around what we believe is possible (or not) and what we believe we deserve (or not). Do you believe that it is possible for you to fully heal and revitalize your body and your life? Do you believe that you deserve this wondrous life and health? The answer to both of these questions is yes! If healing and wholeness are there for anyone, they are available to everyone.

1 The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton, PhD: © 2008 Hay House

© 2009 Dr. Lynne Zimmerman
Dr. Zimmerman is the author of the forthcoming book Creating a New Brain Map: Energy Medicines for Your Body and Mind

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