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September 12, 2011

Tai Chi Chuan Students - Health And Well Being
The Masked Author

Tai Chi Health Benefits
Alice Sink Tai Chi Chuan Master
Student Tai Chi Benefits

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Student Tai Chi Benefits
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We are students of TaiChi Emeritus Master Alice Sink

A cancer survivor I have many long-term side effects. Studying and practicing Tai Chi for the last 5 years has been very helpful in improving my quality of life.
Alexandra A.

A few of the many benefits of practicing tai chi: calming the mind, becoming more aware of one's self, improving one's internal energy, a sense of well-being, teaching one to be patient. Tai chi is a lifelong art that has many layers of knowledge to be explored.

Taking tai chi classes the last couple of years has helped me slow down, improve my balance, and learn complex series of movements one small step at a time. This has helped me to deal with stresses at work, and I can now better view difficult projects as something more like a long sequence of single steps. I've also enjoyed the growing sense of camaraderie with my classmates over time. Though we may not spend much time together outside of class, we care about one another and watch out for each other. We have become a community.
Genevieve D.

Tai chi has insinuated itself into my life quietly and unobtrusively over the last three years. It has not provided me with exquisite balance or grace, qualities I never showed signs of possessing in my first 63 years on earth and still unfortunately lack. However, before I started tai chi classes, I had a tendency to trip and fall more frequently than random bad luck would account for. For some reason, very likely related to tai chi, I no longer trip and fall. Balance, movement and grace are still challenges, but ones which I am willing to confront in continuing my tai chi classes, which are supportive and non-competitive. I know that my physical state now is better than it would have been without tai chi. And I look forward to fewer missteps in my Medicared future as I continue pursuit of the elusive chi.
Barry L.

Tai chi has been an excellent practice for me. I've learned to breathe more slowly and more deeply, I've strengthened my back and legs, and I've developed a much better sense of balance, in body as well as in mind.
Lynn P.

My taking Tai Chi feeds my sense of beauty in movement. I feel that it has kept my body mobile and flexible despite having back and carpal tunnel problems. The mental efforts to learn new forms and the social interactions are important to my mental and emotional well being.
Barbara S.

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