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August 24, 2003

Heathly Sample Menu
Bernadette Festa, MS, RD

We often strive to have the best diet possible making sense of all the information that is known about helping to prevent cancer or its reoccurence. Including more antioxidant foods in the diet is important and concentrating on the food itself rather than the supplements is a given. Here is a sample menu incorporating the knowledge that we have today.

Choose a high fiber cereal such as High Fiber (at Trader Joe's) - or look for a cereal with at least 5gms. of fiber add 5 almonds 2/3 cup of hormone-free low-fat milk or alternative add 1 papaya, or 1 cup or canteloupe.
Snack: 8 oz. carrot juice or raw carrots
1/2 cup Kidney Beans with 1/2 cup Brown Rice, with tomato and garlic added or Lentil soup with tomato and garlic
1 cup Arugula Salad with olive oil, vinegar, onions
Snack: 2-3 apricots or 2/3cup berries with plain yogurt, choose an hormone-free yogurt

1 cup Sauteed Purple Cabbage with shitake mushrooms
Sauteed chicken breast - 3 oz
1 small sweet potato
Camomile, mint or ginger tea

Snack: Fruit
Note: everyone's digestion is a little diferent. If you are not used to eating beans or certain vegetables, start slowly for your GI tract to get used to these foods. Your GI tract is like a muscle, one needs to slowly work-up to certain foods. Like a muscle you don't want to overdue it initially, for example you wouldn't do 100 sit-ups the 1st day of exercising therefore you may want to start with 1/4 cup of beans and prepare them in a certain way to minimize any flatulence and slowly work up to larger servings. Your body will adjust to this healthier way of eating. Be sure to check with your medical team first to make sure.

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