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March 5, 2001

Silly Examining Gowns
Melanie Aguillard, Alexandra Andrews, Merry Holley, Sheila Werner, Ruth Wolf
In Memorium
Melanie Aguillard d. April 3, 2003
Sheila Werner d. November 20, 2003
Ruth Wolf d. May 27, 2001

I have always taken offense to those silly examinining gowns. A few years ago I bought a white examining gown, snaps up the front and is long enough. I had fully intended to decorate it with pink ribbons. It sure beats those little paper ones that fall short of the waist. Anyway this week I had an echo cardiogram, forgot to bring (as always) my examining gown and had to wear the short paper indignity. Oh well!
Ruth Wolf

Ruth you are so right. So much to endure already, can we not be left a small measure of dignity?! They act like we're on exhibit and I for one get tired of it. Went to onc last yr(one trip of many) and a pharmacutical rep came in with him to see what their drugs were being used for, this was a full exam, scars and all, just like bring on the strangers, maybe a video is next. Then I went to chiropractor, he brought in one of office girls' to see what happens to women who don't get yearly check-ups!! I had to bust his bubble in front of her, I was almost religious about getting yearly check-ups because I'm adopted we had no medical history to watch for!! But yes I resent being put on display like an animal.
Merry Holley

What a great idea Ruth! Being a plus sized women, I find those paper thingys never even fit. I usually rip it or just end up holding it in front on me. If I have to wear a cloth gown, I have to ask for a larger sized one or I can't even get it up my arms! Anyway, I love your idea. I think I will make one for myself. Thanks for the idea,
Sheila Werner

Great idea! I am always cold in those flimsy gowns. I agree with Merry they are undignified. Just because we are sick should not mean we are on display.
Alexandra Andrews

My mother, a former nurse, recommends wrap around gowns that snap on the side for my medical visits. You can find them in your local store.
Melanie Aguillard

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