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November 6, 2000

We Are Everywhere
Christie Anderson and Trisha Tester

Christie's Unbelievable Event
This morning I went to Weight Watchers. I have not told anyone there but the lecturer that I have breast cancer, but somebody in the weigh line must have overheard our conversation, and has been wagging tongues. Today I was standing in line and a woman was saying " I hope I don't run into that woman who has Breast Cancer, it is bad enough that I am depressed about my weight, I don't want to have to get more depressed by seeing somebody who is not only over weight, but has Cancer too, don't they have meetings for fat women who have Cancer, they should have a rule about that". The other women just laughed. They didn't know that I was the woman.

Trisha Tester replies:
Since being whacked with the cancer stick, I have seen the best in people, and the worst in people. Cancer is just one of those things. It either gives people an opportunity to be their utmost best, loving, giving, and caring, or it provides an opportunity to show how incredibly limited and shallow their hearts are.

Some of these people will have the opportunity to grow beyond their limits. It just hasn't happened to them, yet. Others unfortunately, will stay spiritual misers until their dying day. BUT THEY ARE NOT YOUR PROBLEM.

I heard an analogy about nasty people: they are full of slugs. They are not happy. Not loving, warm people. They are full of slugs. And their way of getting through life is to try to pass out as many slugs as they can. If everyone is as slimy as they are, they would take some satisfaction in that. But you don't have to accept their slugs. You can say, "No, thank you, I am perfectly happy without your slugs."

Or you could explain to them, that Breast cancer patients do not need to be secluded like a leprosy colony. We are everywhere. We are the cashier at the grocery store, the customer service rep at your insurance company, your child's teacher. We are not contagious. As a general rule, we are some of the warmest, kindest people you could meet, because being faced with death, we have had to decide what is truly important in life.

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