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Botanical Energetics
M. A. Andrews

Disasters with significant loss of life or dismissal of old theories in embracing the new contribute to the loss of wisdom. The result is knowledge disappears. Before modern diagnostic tools such as microscopes(1590s), blood pressure (1905), stethoscope (1816) thermometers(1709,1714), MRI (!977), CAT scans(1971), x-rays(1895), people knew of the energetic movement inside the body. Heart action was recognized as moving circulation throughout the body. Reading a pulse was a necessary skill in human medicine and is still in use today. The reader may recognize similarities in how various medical regimes describe body energy in individual terms.

An example of forgotten knowledge is the mesentery organ. In 2016, headlines, What Is The Mesentery? New Body Organ Discovered In The Digestive Tract appeared in the scientific news. In Botanologia, the English herbal, or, History of plants, 1710. The organ system Mesenterics is referenced. Upon this Axle-tree, the whole Orb of Life turns; and when it breaks, the Man sinks. Salmon In the section Third Qualities Of Medicines Appropriate To Parts Of The Body MESENTERICKS also called Hypochondriacks.(soft tissues and organs beneath ribs and sternum.). Its grand failure is from Obstructions which are either from viscous or clammy Humors, or from Wind, which induce a profound Pining, or universal Consumption of the whole Man; and in the end (if not removed) Death. Salmon

Botanicals for mesenteric health are aperients and deeobstructors, for instance, arugula, cresses, horseradish, mustard, anise, citrus, grapes, lavender,(See CHAPTER 5: Botanical Energetics Descriptions). Non-botanicals such as iron salts or sal volatile may be helpful.

Drink and Food are compound medications used to balance the body. The purpose of a neutralizing or counterbalancing botanical is to attain the temperate state to preserve the body temperature, conserve strength and restore health. Investigate Botanical Energetics provides information about foods available locally. Incorporate these Botanical Energetics into your daily diet to achieve vibrant health. Let Medicine Be Your Food 

Investigate Botanical Energetics -- Let Medicine Be Your Food
M. A. Andrews

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