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October 4, 2000

Early Detection Is Not a Cure
Angela M. Sissons, PhD

Dear Metfamily. We were talking about the word cure and how it does not apply to breast cancer. So true. I remember people talking about having been cured of breast cancer because they "detected it early and got treatment."

You know what early detection means to me? Just living longer with the knowledge that you have breast cancer. That's all it is. As we say on Club-Mets early detection is not a cure. You get the joys of chemo and/or radiation and/or anti-hormones earlier than you would otherwise. Nothing right now changes the outcome. And we know what THAT is.

Which reminds me. There's a series of ads on right now, by GE, for their new spectragraph mammo machine, in which the woman posing as a doctor says, "There's been a radical new breakthrough in breast cancer treatment," and then goes on to talk about this mammogram thing. Breakthrough? Treatment? Oh right. Yes, GE will get a letter.

I wish people would wake up. I wish I'd worked to make people wake up when I had the energy and the passion to do it. Thanks, all of you who are full of fire, for doing it for me on the sidelines. That seems to be my new life's work, being a bystander.
Great pay, too.
Angela U
October 4, 2000

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