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May 27, 2011

The Herbal Of Dioscorides The Greek
Book Three: Roots

Tess Anne Osbaldeston,
translator and editor
Johannesburg, South Africa,
June 2000

In the previous books, most loving Areius, we have talked of spices, ointments, oils, trees and their fruits, of lacrymae [resins], as well as living creatures, grains, vegetables, and herbs possessing sharpness; but in this the third book we will set out an account of roots, juices, herbs, and seeds -- suitable both for common use and for medications...

Suggested: Althaea [Fuchs], Althaea Dioscoridis et Plinii [Bauhin], Althaea officinalis [Linnaeus], Bismalva, Hibiscus -- Marsh Mallow, White Mallow
Althaea is a kind of wild mallow, the downy leaves round like cyclamen. It has a rose-like flower, the stalk two feet high, and a clammy root, white within. It is called althaea for its many properties and various uses. Boiled in honey and water or wine (or pounded by itself) it is good for wounds, parotitis [inflamed glands e.g. mumps], swellings, suppurations, inflamed breasts, disorders of the perineum, bruises, flatulent tumours, and distension of the nerves. It dissolves and ripens, or breaks and brings to a scar...

Carline Thistle - Carlina acaulis - Engler-Prantl 1897

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Dioscorides. De materia medica. - five books in one volume:
A new English translation by T.A.Osbaldeston.
Introductory notes by R.P.Wood.
First Edition, 2000.
Published by IBIDIS Press, Johannesburg, South Africa.
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