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May 27, 2011

The Herbal Of Dioscorides The Greek
Book Four: Roots

Tess Anne Osbaldeston,
translator and editor
Johannesburg, South Africa,
June 2000

In the three books before this, best beloved Areius, I have spoken of aromatic matters, oils, ointments, trees, living creatures, cereals, vegetables, roots, juices, herbs and seeds. In this the fourth book we will discuss herbs and roots not previously mentioned.

Suggested: Quinquefolium maius candidum [Fuchs], Quinquefolium album majus alterum [Bauhin], Potentilla alba [Linnaeus] -- Tormentil [Mabberley] [other usage] Pentafillo [Italian], Potentilla pimpinelloides, Potentilla opaca, Potentilla hirta -- Five Fingers Grass, Five Leaf, Cinquefoil

If anyone carries pentadactylon [cinquefoil] around his body he remains without suffering. It helps the eyes, tumours [possibly goitre], hardened tonsils, the uvula, sores under the tongue, the joints, disorders of the nerves, the teeth, and scabies [itchy parasitical disease] caused by a pernicious famine, as well as drawing down the afterbirth. A decoction (poured on the hands) is excellent against fears and enchantments, therefore gather the herb when the moon increases at the time of the sun arising...

Horsetail - Equisetum arvense - FAGUET  1891

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Introductory notes by R.P.Wood.
First Edition, 2000.
Published by IBIDIS Press, Johannesburg, South Africa.
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