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February 19, 2001

Is Breast Cancer Cured ?
Mike Daly, Sammy De Roos, Karen Olson, Sandi Spivey, Kellie Van Solkema

I also agree that more people need to know the reality of breast cancer. I have friends who tell me, "You've beaten breast cancer before, you can do it again." If I had beaten breast cancer the first time - I wouldn't be doing this again!!
Kellie Van Solkema

Long term bc survivorship isn't the same as declaring there is a cure. We have to be careful what we say to the public. If the public erroneously believes there is a cure there will be less support for continued funding for research. People have to realize that every year, over 40,000 people are dying of this disease - about one every 12 minutes.
Sandi Spivey

Blew me away this morning, listening to the morning news, when they did this breast cancer awareness article. The claim was 100% cure if detected early enough. Well, we all know that's crap, but what's interesting, when you go to their site, the figure declines to 90%, with no mention of the 5yr cap. Since they are a major NBC affiliate, perhaps targeting them with correct information might prove productive. Just a thought
Mike Daly

How often I have tried to tell friends who tell me I've licked this disease (I'm NED for 1 year after treatment for recurrance in liver) or friends who have just been diagnosed the seriousness of breast cancer. Many people I encounter who are newly diagnosed or just finishing treatment after an initial diagnosis don't seem to think of breast cancer as a life or death matter. They ignore little lumps (the doctor thinks its just a cyst), have a lumpectomy (when I don't think their case warrants it), chose an easier chemo, and oh so often think they've been cured. Even the media talks about people being cured after treatment for breastcancer. The word needs to get out. This is a deadly disease and it's taking away parents, friends, children and others, far far before their time.
Karen Olson

I have had mets for what seems like eons...Now. After years of being accused of what? Being a downer? Not being healed? Being their worst nightmare? A new group is finally in the embryonic stage, not just for us, the mets, or reoccurrence group (I have not come up with a name yet,) but to save the fragile, entwined with the bitter bolt of a bitter reality their worst nightmare could come back. Yet... we the mets, those who are living the nightmare, the raw reality need to meet and just be without having to shelve our lives to save the delicate egos of the newly diagnosed and or crawling from the abyss of their event.

I try to educate only those who should know, the leaders, those who have a job in which information facilitates their ability to lead intelligently, but yes.. sadly for the sake of the dreams, the nightmares, the real-oh so real thing we all live with it is probably best not to educate those who are hovering at the brink of death, or fear of same, but the support group leaders, people we need and who should be strong.
Sammy De Roos

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