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August 5, 2002

It's All about Spiritual Balance
Alan F. Bain, DO

Why do we get Cancer? It sounds pretty overwhelming! If you ask the traditional doctors, they might tell you either that they don't know or it is hereditary in origin. If you ask the environmentalist, she might tell you that it is due to our toxic environment. You know the Erin Brokavich type of scenario. If you ask the spiritualist, he might say that this is part of your learning and therefore your Karmic load to learn from and to unburden yourself in this lifetime. If you ask the psychologist she might say that your Cancer is due to your unresolved issues with your husband and/or your past parental relationships. Oh Boy!

Are you getting confused or discouraged by all these different takes on this illness. All you want to do is get well and not perhaps bother with all of these awesome possibilities. I, as a doctor understand how you feel because my family has dealt with all these issues relative to Cancer so that entering into this territory is not a foreign land for me.

Let's face it. All we want to do is to enjoy life, to eat a cheeseburger if we so wish and mainly to be left alone from this situation that we call Cancer or the so-called Big C. We do not want to worry about these issues of whether or not we are eating the right foods or whether our work is getting us sick or not. We don't want to worry all the time about if our mother raised us right. Then we have to deal with the illustrious F word and it not what you might think. It is Fear. Yes it is Fear of so many things. It is fear of death; it is fear of illness; it is fear of having others suffer through this raunchy illness with us.

How do we learn from all this? Whom do we go to for comfort? How do we spiritually make sense of an illness that requires so much deep, wisdom-like intervention on our parts? Boy is it ever so difficult. I am not saying that I have all the answers. I am saying that unfortunately we do need to consider some of those difficult possibilities about how our illness came about, but we have to do it with a special kind of explorer's spirit, knowing fully well that any one of these people might not have the total answer and that an approximation of the answer might be helpful enough.

The most important message that I can portray as a doctor who has both personal and profession experience with Cancer is that fear and stress are factors that need to be dealt with in a timely fashion. It is the fear of our mortality that is so difficult to deal with at times, but it is the most gift-giving process that we can learn from. It requires an exercise in going beyond our own physicality and into realms of energetically how we function and connect with our higher self and others around us. Through this exploration, we can begin to unblock blockages in our life and finally make sense of why we are here and believe it or not why we got sick in the first place. It is painful, but yet a spiritually awesome process of rediscovery of why we are here and who we are. I work every day with people in this very special journey. I invite you to connect with a doctor, a rabbi, a priest, or even a good friend who has some wisdom to go with you on this exploration. The key here is to get beyond the fear, so that you can fully grow physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Alan F. Bain, DO
Center for Integrated Health Care
111 North Wabash Ave. Suite 1005
Chicago IL 60602
4711 Golf Road #806
Skokie IL 60076.

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