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October 6, 2000

Amazons Marching for the Cure
Herman Van Elsacker

After what I have been reading the last couple of days on this list (letters to the editor / president; march on DC, ... ) I am thinking of all of you as Amazons. It is not only that many of you will be look-a-likes, the right fighting spirit is there as well.

I really think you should go ahead with the marching idea. Why not start on a smaller local level and start with a series of marches to your governors place (or any other target) dressed as "amazons". I am sure that the 1st time even 10 or 20 of you can draw enough media attention (especially TV), make clear what your message is and announce the date and place of your next march. I am sure that after a couple of local marches you will have reached all BC women in the US and you will be ready for your march on DC, showing 45,000 or more scars and baldheads.

Because we live in Belgium and so far away one should think it is not really my or Rita's battle that you are preparing for. But that's not completely correct because when a cure will be found, it will only be the result of massive research funding . And there is no place on earth except the USA that can raise that kind of funds. So please girls, go for it and teach them a lesson.

I love you all,

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